1. Extra Fees? – None

  • We will not charge extra for administering medications, post surgery/health sensitive care, or special feeding schedules

2. Boarding Accommodations

  • We provide suites for your dog to enjoy of multiple sizes
  • Each room comes with a dog bed
  • We welcome outside beds and blankets- bring anything that you feel will make your pets stay as comfortable as possible. We do our best to return these belongings in the condition they arrived, however dogs do play and wander away with their friends stuff!

3. Daycare Play Groups

  • Small Dogs, Large Dogs, Senior/Lazy Dogs – wherever your dog feels most comfortable is where we will place them
  • Scheduled indoor, outdoor, and rest time to ensure your dog has their BEST daycare experience

4. Going Potty

  • Access all day to the outside to use the restroom when needed
    • We will adjust accordingly in the event of inclement weather​

5. Safety & Security

  • 8ft Outdoor Fence
  • Monitored at all times throughout the day both inside and outside
  • Indoor epoxy floor for cleanliness & safety

6. Why Top Dog Birmingham?

  • We are a LOCAL FAMILY that wants to see local business grow & help the community

7. Emergencies

  • If an emergency arises, we will contact you and your vet immediately. We will ensure a constant communication so that your dog(s) are given the best care needed for their circumstance. Until we are in contact with you, we will follow your vet’s plan of care.

8. Vaccinations / Vet Records

  • You will need to have your vet provide the vaccination records for your pup to ensure they are up to date
  • Required Vaccinations: Bordetella – Kennel Cough, DHLPP – Distemper, and Rabies